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We Are Disorder comics working on a few comic projects and our artist is working hard to make sure this will continue swift and quickly while still having epic proportions in tack!

Our first comic will be a test of our skills nothing big but nothing to small it wont be in DEPTH but it'll have a story to it and anyone requesting for a custom character to bein it will be happy to know we are accepting requests for characters in this Comic! It is called Enigma and our profile picture holds three main characters Valor, Kitkat, and Patpat. They are unquie characters with three different destinies bound in a world closed off from the rest! The story is also being created by the Artist but from what i've read it is still pretty far up there! Please be expecting Enigma to be drawn and ready for ready as soon as our artist is ready!

Another one of our Comics is going to be Created by me Nik_ i am a writer for this group but also someone who created groups on sites and tries to further our existance to the world i have tried animation and other stuff! but The comic i shall be working on is called the Destined 12 pacted full of action and dramatic twists be prepaed to be stunned which detail, shocking turns in events, and death all around!

Well that is it for now I'll keep posting when more comes!

CHOO! -Nik-
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Submitted on
November 17, 2010